Coconut Oil - Premium Cold Pressed

Cold-pressed coconut oil for cooking and frying. This organic superfood is a healthy addition to your kitchen.

Healthy oils are really trending at the moment. Coconut oil is one of the few products that is classified as a superfood. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold-pressed and not heated which explains the typical coconut smell and taste.

This organic coconut oil is made from fresh ‘King’ coconuts from Sri Lanka that are peeled, cut and dried. The harvest normally takes place in July and August. Did you know that is requires 2 to 3 coconuts for every 7 oz of coconut oil?

After the oil is pressed from the coconut, it is filtered. The oil is not bleached or pasteurized. Coconut oil is naturally saturated and contains no trans fatty acids. It solidifies below 65°F and is liquid above 75°F.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is ideal for baking and frying and can be heated to a maximum of 450°F. Coconut oil is therefore a good alternative to butter or cooking oil.