Gourmet Pizza Party Gift Basket

This gourmet gift is a pizza gift basket - featuring real Italian pizza flour and fragrant Italian pizza herbs to semi-dried tomatoes from Sicily and spicy olive oil for sprinkling on your pizza. With a decorative pizza peel and/or elegant pizza plate - This is a gift everyone will enjoy!

Gourmet Pizza Party Gift Basket Includes:
  • Pizza peel
  • Italian pizza flour - Farina per pizza 500g
  • Spicy olive oil for pizza - Pizzolio 250ml 
  • Italian herbs mixed for the pizza -  Erbe Miste per Pizza 80g 
  • Pesto for the pizza - Pesto della Mamma 200g
  • Pizza sauce - Pomodoro della Mamma 200g
  • Finely sliced bell pepper and garlic - Aglio e Peperoncino 180g 
  • Marinated Italian olives - Olive Miste Condite alla Toscana 290g 

This is the prefect gift for your favorite foodie - cook or anyone who loves Italian food!  Buy this gift here and we will wrap and ship the gourmet gift basket to you!  Check out more gourmet gifts here:

gourmet gift basket