Premium Olive Oil Health News

Olive oil is good for health. It's a pearl of wisdom that has not lost its sheen even after centuries. We abide by this axiom and trust olive oil to do good things for our heart, hair, skin, and overall health. But, a lot of the store-bought olive oil does not offer the much-touted health benefits. Why? Because it lacks the polyphenols, which give olive oil its health-giving and healing powers.

Factors that influence the beneficial properties of olive oil include, the mode of harvesting - rough methods destroy the anti-oxidative polyphenols. Green olives are richer in polyphenols than older, ripe fruit.  Extra virgin olive oil, which is obtained from cold pressing the olives once, is the richest in polyphenols. The amount of polyphenols drops as the refining and processing increases.

Price isn't the best guarantee of quality. Check the harvest date on the label. Olive oil should not be stored for longer than two years from harvest. Color is not of much help in assessing the quality and purity of olive oil. Green colored olive oil is not necessarily the best quality one. Adulterators go to the extent of adding green color to chemically processed olive oil and try to pass it off as extra virgin olive oil.

Oil should ideally be in a tin or in a tinted glass bottle so that it stays protected from the oxidative effects of light. Educate yourself on what premium olive oil tastes like. Taste extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil. Once you can appreciate the freshness and flavor of these oils, you'll be able to distinguish between premium olive oil and adulterated oils.

Olive oil that carries a seal of certification from a reputed third party is a virtual guarantee that you're getting a premium product. In America, the California Olive Oil Council certifies olive oil. Look for their seal on the bottle.

Premium olive oil is your best bet for getting the maximum health benefits. The monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil bring down the risk of hypertension and stroke. Regular consumption of olive oil helps control inflammation and thrombosis. Societies and cultures that traditionally use olive oil for cooking report fewer incidences of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease. In the case of the latter condition, scientists are researching the effect of oleocanthal, a phenolic compound present in this oil. Olive oil used for salad dressing contributes to bringing down the risk of heart attacks, particularly in senior citizens. 

Diets that include polyunsaturated fats, as found in olive oil, help keep depression at bay. On the other hand, foods made with trans fats, such as fast food, increase the risk of depression and related mental conditions. Virgin olive oil is being studied for its effectiveness in preventing breast cancer. Olive oil controls the levels of LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol. The anti-inflammatory properties of oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol, which are compounds present in extra virgin olive oil, help combat pancreatitis.

Balsamic vinegar, which is made from the Trebbiano or Lambrusco varieties of grapes, is a heart-healthy condiment. It's use in cooking and dressing, along with olive oil, is a good idea for maintaining cardiovascular health. Polyphenols present in this vinegar eliminate free radicals and may also help regulate blood sugar. This vinegar also limits the presence of LDL cholesterol, which is responsible for the hardening of arteries.

Real balsamic vinegar is obtained after the grapes are fermented and aged in wooden barrels for twelve years to as long as fifty years. It is very expensive. Commercially available variants are artificially aged and contain chemicals. Premium vinegar contains only one ingredient - grape must.

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar elevate the taste of foods they are used with. Salads, cakes, tacos, steaks and the flavors come bursting forth when you use these authentic ingredients. Once you've tasted the real thing, you'll find it difficult to go back to the cheaper options.

Gourmet Olive Oil Vinegar showcases EVOO and the health benefits of real olive oil and premium products like balsamic vinegars showcased here.  Read more on Gourmet Food Lovers News at  

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Gourmet Food Lovers Travel Guide

Travel and food go hand in hand. If you are a gourmet always ready to appreciate fine foods, then these American cities deserve your attention. Do remember, many of these centers of epicurean delights require prior bookings, sometimes months in advance.

  1.       New York City

New York City is home to some of the world's most renowned fine-dining restaurants. As a gourmet food lover, you'll be spoiled for choice. Classic Italian fare at Rao's, East Harlem is a favorite with politicians and movie stars. Balthazar in SoHo offers the finest bistro experience in the Big Apple. Casa Lever, Jean-Georges, Atera; the list is endless. This diverse selection of cuisines is a result of New York City historically being home to the biggest immigrating population in the world, with people from nations all across the world coming to stay in the city for a variety of reasons and this influx continues to this day. Tastes Of would love to show you what it is like to be a local in NYC as we show you every aspect the 'city that never sleeps' has to offer.

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  1.    San Francisco

The City by the Bay is a gourmet food lover's paradise. From inspired American takes on classic Chinese dishes at Mission Chinese to elegant weekend brunches at Boulevard, the city is filled with venues that beckon gastronomes with masterpieces, many cooked in extra virgin olive oil for that special taste and health. Tastes Of would like to show you San Francisco's unique qualities and center of gravity for all things gourmet - fine foods, wines, and cuisines, the magnet for many of the world’s great chefs, wineries, cheesemakers, all while surrounded by astound beauty and architecture.

  1.    Chicago

The upscale dining scene in Chicago compares with the best in America, and yet has its own vibes. Grant Achatz, Rick Bayless, and Iliana Regan are chefs pushing the boundaries of the food scene here. Travel to Chicago to pair craft beer with carne asada con mojo, chicken enchiladas, and grilled seafood. Travel with Tastes Of to Chicago to pair craft beer with carne asada con mojo, and fine wine with grilled seafood. The Windy City has a thriving restaurant scene, and the food truck culture has really caught on here. Brunches, late night eats, and classic old school diners…the city has 'em all. It's got something to satisfy every palette and wallet.

  1.       Austin

Austin offers a lot more than some of the best barbecues in the world. The city delivers great combinations of gourmet food around each corner. The Salt Lick, Franklin BBQ, Mezcaler, Tobal, Otoko, Dai Due, and Olivia are just some of the restaurants devoted to conjuring new flavors and rejuvenating existing ones. In addition to Austin's fancy dining scene, there are a galore of food trucks scattered throughout the eclectic city. Be sure to follow Tastes Of as we explore the infamous Sixth Street, as well as downtown district which, with its concentration of cuisine, cocktails, and commerce venues, serves up as the ideal melting pot of food, fun and finance.

  1.       Seattle

The city's location and geography mean that its denizens can savor some of the most varied produce from land and water. Chefs such as Matt Dillon, who owns Sitka and Spruce, present European fare created using the finest local ingredients. Chef Jerry Traunfeld runs Poppy, a restaurant that specializes in the "Thali", a traditional meal platter from India. The soul of any city is in its food, and Seattle restaurants are known for their mouth-watering and soul-satisfying fare. Inviting bistros with sumptuous lunches, exotic cafes serving Italian and Lebanese fare, oyster bars that offer fresh seafood and seasonal bounties from the sea, and restaurants offering everything from Asian to Mediterranean are excellent reasons for checking out the dining scene in Seattle. Tastes Of wants to show you all of the gourmet options as we explore the PNW. We won't miss out on the coffee made famous here either!

gourmet food lovers

  1.       Dallas

Chefs from around the world venture into the city of Dallas, Texas, famous for the grande steak houses and this city delivers.  Bob's Steak & Chop House brings a classic experience with experienced wait staff, management and a sommelier - delivering extensive wine lists and sound advice for all budgets. Nick & Sam's brings extravagance to the occasion, serving a caviar bar and cocktails prior to dining in Uptown Dallas.  Perry's Steakhouse & Grill consistently delivers with an classic selection. Tex-Mex is perhaps the best example of fusion cuisine in America, and Dallas is easily the one of the best cities to sample Tex-Mex. With more restaurants per person than any other American city, save NYC, you are advised to plan your trip here after carefully reviewing the myriad gourmet dining options here. The city is the go-to destination for lovers of farm-to-table philosophy in eating out. Dallas has an exceptional array of cuisines- everything from fine dining to unbeatable taco shacks in tiny neighborhoods. Experience Dallas/Fort Worth in style with Tastes Of as we explore all there is to see, eat & do! 

  1.        New Orleans

NOLA represents the Big Easy well.  The restaurant goes beyond expectations with food and service.   Visitors line up at Cafe Du Monde but locals will tell you - there is no line at Cafe Du Monde! Live like a local - and enjoy freshly prepared French beignets with coffee - an amazing experience in New Orleans!   Locals frequent the five star French restaurant near the French Quarter in New Orleans, an experience only found at August. will let you in on a little secret - start your day off at Acme Oyster House.  You will not regret it.

  1.       Miami

The city definitely offers more than neon-strewn streets and glitzy casinos. It is home to restaurants providing some of the best Cuban food in America.  Jeff McInnis, executive chef at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar; Sergio Navarro, who owns Pubbelly; and Michael Schwartz, who runs Michael's Genuine Food and Drink are spearheading the movement to take the spotlight from the DJ and shift it on the chef. South Beach is a melting pot of flavors from all over the world, and probably the best place in America to sample authentic Cuban food. Asian, Caribbean, French, Greek, and Italian cuisine too are well represented here. Tastes Of invites you to take a break from the beach and indulge your tastebuds in some of the finest in fine dining in Miami.

gourmet food lovers

  1.       Atlanta

Atlanta holds its own among the heavyweight fine dining destinations down South, and that's an achievement. Intown Atlanta offers exotic and standard gastronomic fare that would compete with the finest culinary creations of Michelin starred restaurants anywhere in America. The Floataway Cafe, Toulouse, Flying Biscuit Cafe and Highland Tap are all worthy of your patronage. 

  1.   Nashville

Nashville has traditionally been known for adding its own twist to traditional Southern foods; and it's no different with gourmet dining. You can expect simmered collard greens, sliced roast beef, and fried green tomatoes to taste just that bit special in Nashville. The Catbird Seat invites you to sample creative haute fare. Etch, run by chef Deb Paquette, offers classy Mediterranean food. There's a long list of eager and able chefs manning restaurants that are rewriting the script for fine dining in Nashville.

  1.   Washington DC

The best gourmet eating venues in Washington DC compare with the best in the United States. Sublime Indian cuisine at Rasika, Melt-in-mouth pastas at Fiola, Thai dishes bursting with flavors at Little Serow, Flemish influences on food at Marcel's, and the best Sashimi in town at Izakaya Seki form only the surface of the culinary iceberg that demands detailed exploring.

  1.   Boston

Boston has a reputation for being one the cities that influences the culinary
olive oil recipelandscape of America. Menton, run by Barbara Lynch, is a Boston i
nstitution. East Coast Grill rewrote the manual for fine dining in Boston and its formula of wallet-friendly wholesome spicy food has been copied many times over. Boston has benefited from chefs who've stayed loyal to the city and have contributed to the diversity in fine dining here. This lively city is known for it's rich history, thick accents and last, but not least, fresh seafood! From clam chowder to delectable lobster rolls, Boston is certainly not lacking in the seafood department. Come explore with us over at Tastes Of! 












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Real Olive Oil Begins with the Source

What is real olive oil? The story begins with the olive - extends to the harvest and the production process. High quality olive oil originates with the source, the olive tree. Olive trees are grown in a Mediterranean climate.  Olive trees can live over 100 years. Quality olive oil starts at the source: the tree. 

The olive tree produces the most olives when the tree is  between 7 and 35 years old. Sun is important.  The amount of sun and the quality of the soil influence the growth and taste of the olive oil.  Our sources - harvest - and productions process makes a difference in the products we deliver to you.  Join our Taste Club!  Get healthy recipes from our chefs!  The health benefits of cooking with olive oil are abundant and you will love our chefs selections!


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