What Is Truffle Oil?

Truffles and truffle oils, ingredients previously found only in 5 star restaurants, have become increasingly popular ingredients in restaurant and home kitchens, alike.  Truffle oil is essentially olive oil infused with the aroma of truffles. Truffles are prized fungi, and they are rare and expensive. Truffle oil benefits include a consistent experience every time you use it and affordability. Truffle oil offers you all the nutritional benefits of olive oil.

This oil can be infused with black truffles or white truffles. The aromas and therefore the end uses vary with the type of truffle used. Black truffles enhance a richer flavor to dishes, whereas the white varieties lend a delicate aroma to foods.

White truffle oil may remind you of the Hungarian Desert Truffle, the Italian White, or some other truffle of the white variety. The Hungarian Desert Truffle named is used for desserts and ice creams, while the Italian White is used in many meat dishes with its garlic-and-mushroom-like fragrance.

Truffle oil is essentially a finishing oil; and you can use it to bring out the flavors of almost any dish. In fact, drizzling some truffle oil onto a meal will actually bring out the flavors of all ingredients therein. You can give regular vinaigrette a real culinary twist by adding truffle oil to it. This can be used with.

Using truffle oil is simple, and there is no extensive learning involved. You don't have to be an expert chef to create culinary masterpieces; you can do so with a drizzle of truffle oil. If you wish to initiate somebody into the world of gourmet cooking, then the easiest way to do so is by gifting the person a bottle of truffle oil. Truffle oil gourmet gift baskets are a wonderful and classy way to show your love and appreciation.





 You may want to head to the kitchen and incorporate these wonderful finishing oil in your recipes! Truffle oils are also a beautiful addition to many gourmet gift baskets! Consider our selection of truffle oils in your recipes or give to your favorite hostess. 

Known as the 'diamond' of the kitchen, truffles will turn the most ordinary dish into something extraordinary!

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