Top 3 Easter Gift Baskets for the Gourmet Food Lover

Easter is here with us again. Family and relatives, as well as friends are expecting gifts from their loved ones!  Surprise your friends and family with one classy gift package! As they say, there is no truer love than the love for food. So, in case you want that outstanding gift that your family will appreciate, offer them something unique that will spice up their culinary experience. That's why you need one exclusive package from the gourmet olive oil and vinegar.

The gourmet gift baskets include highly coveted oils and vinegars imported right from the authentic manufacturers. You can thus get exclusive Easter baskets containing pesto and tapenades, appetizers, marinades and sauces, food dressings, mustards, exotic herb mixes, as well as salts and other luxurious condiments that will spice up Easter for your loved ones.

Some of the specific featured packages you may find interesting for your Easter gift ideas include:

  1.    Membership of the Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar Taste Club

Reward your friend with a beautiful opportunity to sample gourmet olive oil and vinegar, and learn from select recipes. The membership to this taste club will allow them to explore the world of healthy and delicious cooking with olive oil and vinegar. The membership can be renewed each month, and the goodies are door-delivered for your convenience.

  1.    Paella Gourmet Gift Basket


Introduce your friend one of the finest culinary contributions to emerge from Spain - paella. The gift basket arrives with a real paella pan, patata bravas sauce, aioli, romesco, paella seasonings and saffron - all shipped from Spain. Paellas are nutritious; a complete dish that tastes even more authentic when prepared with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  1.    Truffle Oil Duo Gourmet Gift Set

Fragrant truffle oil uplifts any dish that it is added to. Pasta, eggs, baked breads, and mashed potatoes are just some examples of regular foods elevated to the status of culinary masterpieces by simply adding a few drops of truffle oil. This gift set contains a bottle of truffle oil and carefully chosen recipes that could well set you on a gastronomical journey of a lifetime.


With these Easter gift ideas, make this day a memorable one for your loved ones by rewarding them with one of our beautiful and nutritious packages from

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