Olive Oil In These 9 Products

Olive oil provides a wide range of health benefits (surprise: not only for cooking with, but as beauty and hygienic products as well!). If you’re looking for a little DIY action, there are many products that can easily be made from olive oil. We have also included a few products made from natural olive oil to spruce up your grooming routine. Some of natural remedies + products include:


  • 1. Lip Scrub
  • For a homemade scrub, you can combine a substantial amount of sugar with about a teaspoon of olive oil. You may choose to add lemon which not only adds flavor but also increases acidity of the scrub, bringing a better formula to your lips. This simple combination has been extended by some entrepreneurs, with addition of preservatives to make large scale commercial scrubs that can be used for your whole body.


    2. Shaving Cream

    Olive oil products, being a natural lubricant, are a much needed addition in the manufacture of shaving creams. It helps to ward off razor burns and bumps, and also maintains tight skin.

    3. Antibacterial Balm

    Some olive products are natural antiseptics. They are largely used in products that are used to kill germs. You could get your loved one a natural antibacterial balm from a gourmet olive oil gift basket.


    4. Eye-Makeup Remover

    Basic principles in chemistry would help understand that oil, made from olive oil products, when applied to the skin attracts other oil products, making it a great cleaning agent. pH balancing products should be present in the remover to leave your skin healthy.


    5. Lotion

    The chemical structure of olive oil is very close to human skin's natural oil. It is, therefore, used to make lotion that is helpful in moisturizing your skin. Gourmet olive oil gift baskets have made such additions to their collections.


    6. Hair Treatment

    Olive oil has been combined with other products to make a hair treatment solution, which is applied to the ends of your hair and scalp. It is then washed out using shampoo, leaving your hair and skin very healthy. Olive oil hair treatments have been added to gourmet gift baskets.


    7. Cocktails

    The smooth structure of olive oil allows it to mix admirably with wines, alcohol and spirits. Again, it's low sugar content assures one of a reduced hangover compared to other products previously used in cocktails.


    8. Ear Wax Remedy Drops

    For patients who often have wax building up in their ears, they are given medicinal drops made out of olive oil to flush out the clog. Olive oil being a lubricant helps to loosen the excess wax and washes it out.


    9. Diaper Rash Treatment

    The structure of olive oil allows it to be smooth, and is therefore perfect for the sensitive skin on a baby's skin; it acts both as a moisturizer and a remedy for diaper rash. It would be a considerate option to give a gourmet olive oil gift basket to a friend who recently had a baby.


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