Olive Oil Gift Baskets for Valentine’s Day

Is Valentine's Day just around the corner and you are out of ideas as to what to give your loved one this year? Why not make life more interesting by getting your partner a healthy gift basket of olive oil products? Research has proven that extra virgin olive oils contain many nutrients that are very effective in improving immunity in human beings, as well as preventing diabetes and heart-related diseases. This means that getting your loved ones an olive oil gift would be a perfect way to show how much you care about them. There is a whole range of products you can purchase for your partner as Valentine's gifts. Some of these include:


Gourmet Gift Sweet Sensations from Italy

These gift baskets have three sweet crema that are obtained from pistachio, gianduja chocolate ingredients, and Sicily almonds The gift comes with a simplified recipe for the recipient to easily make Cantuccini biscotti and cannoli. Once you purchase one of these baskets for your partner, they will be able to enjoy flavors from Italy and cook great healthy meals. The gift is available at a small retail price of $23.95, and you can even order it online.

Gourmet Olive Oil

Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar

You can purchase this gift basket for Valentine’s and receive amazing oil and vinegar products that come with innovative recipes to help you get your diet right. The products included in this package are aged balsamic vinegar that makes your food spicy, and real olive oils with beneficial nutrients to the body. The recipes therein are prepared by chefs who operate in top restaurants. The gift is perfectly packaged to give to a friend, family member or business associate.


Premium Truffle Gift Set

This gift set contains risotto and EVOO pesto pasta imported from Italy. The basket comes with different types of truffle ingredients such as: mussini condiments, risotto, EVOO and tagliolini. All these products are neatly arranged in the gift baskets before being delivered. This combination of nutrients is perfect for Valentine’s gifts, and you can get it at a retail price of $79.95. A great arrangement of original products assembled together by experts for your delight!

Real Olives

Truffle Oil Duo Gourmet

This gift set contains premium truffle oil and an additional bonus of professionally prepared recipes to make cooking easy for you. You don't need to be a professional cook to prepare these delicacies because all the processes are explained. The gift also comes with a vinegar box and the signature oil, both beautifully packaged for you.

All of these gift baskets make for great Valentine’s Day presents! Delight your partner with one of them!


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