Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Health benefits derived from using extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) are uncountable, and research reveals even more benefits almost daily. There is far much to this oil than what the taste buds can enjoy. It is well known for its nutritional value in the world's longest living cultures- the Mediterranean culture. The many health benefits linked to the consumption of this oil are listed below.


Fighting Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that decreases the mass of the bone, hence causing the bone tissue to be fragile. As a result, the possibility of fractures in one's body is increased.

Supplementation of this oil has been discovered to affect the thickness of bone formation positively.  Researchers have concluded that in the near future, this oil could be a promising remedy in the treatment of the disease.

Gourmet Olive Oil

A Healthy Brain

A large percentage of the human brain is made of fatty acids. Therefore, it is important to keep the level of the fatty acid moderately high on a daily basis in order to think clearly, regulate our moods and perform the various tasks of the day. Just like any other healthy fat, this oil is considered a good source of fat for the brain that improves the level of focus and memory.


Relieving Pain

Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal- a substance that has anti- inflammatory agents. This implies that this oil is more or less like natural ibuprofen. Therefore, this anti- inflammatory property makes the oil even more compelling every time as it has a large impact on the numerous individuals suffering from chronic diseases.


Fighting Diabetes

Diabetic symptoms can be easily alleviated by taking a diet rich in soluble fiber from monounsaturated fats (like Evoo), vegetables, and fruits that are moderate in carbohydrates and low in saturated fat. Such a diet is helpful in improving the sensitivity of insulin and regulating blood sugar. According to research, a diet rich in this oil has been said to reduce type II diabetes by almost 50% as compared to a low fat diet.

Olive Oil Basket

Protection from Depression

According to Spanish researchers, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil has an emotional health benefit of protecting one from mental illness. The researchers discovered that olive oil and polyunsaturated fats (found in vegetable oils and fatty fish) are associated with a low risk of depression.


Helps in keeping the Heart Young

A diet rich in EVOO may slow down the heart's aging process. As we age, the heart does as well. Arteries may similarly not function as required, hence leading to health problems. Researchers concluded that diets rich in this oil improve the function of arteries of the elderly.


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