Gourmet Olive Oil Stands Up to the Real Olive Oil Test

Olive oil has brought lasting solutions to people who are health conscious. This product assists to improve immunity, and it can also be used instead of unhealthy oils and fats. Although there is a whole range of olive oils available in many countries worldwide, the tastes and flavors are different. While the benefits of this medicinal product have been many, cons have also taken advantage of the sale and distribution of olive oil products. Some people are using the product to enrich themselves, due to its expensive nature, without providing the right nutrients to consumers. It has become harder for consumers to know the real olive oil because there are impostors who are marketing low quality oils as olive oil.

If you are looking to get the best results, then gourmet olive oil is one of the most trusted products in the market today. Scientists show that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is very effective because it has polyphenol content, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. So, what makes gourmet olive oil stand out from the rest?

Gourmet Olive Oil

The Oils Are Extra Virgin

Virgin olive oils are usually more expensive because they are the best. These oils are extracted from the fruit of an olive tree through specialized mechanical means. The extraction process is done in thermal conditions to ensure that the oil's nutrients remain in the most natural state. Extra virgin olive oil is highly nutritious because it does not undergo centrifuging, decanting, filtering, or any treatment other than washing. Due to the fact that extra virgin oils are made from different olives around the world, they have different looks, tastes and colors.

Enhances Strong Blood Vessels

Experts recommend that consuming just a single teaspoon of EVOO with your meals can help to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The oil raises the amount of nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamin E. These nutrients help in making your blood vessels stronger, and in return protect you from heart attacks.

Reduced Cholesterol

Olive oils are known to be among the best products used to bring down bad cholesterol levels in the body. The oils have monounsaturated fats that bring down harmful cholesterol, also known as Low Density Lipoprotein. LDL poses major risks to the body such as blocking of arteries and causing plaque. Gourmet olive oil is identified as a good source of nutrients that bring down LDL to protect people against such diseases.

Boosting Human Memory

One of the contents of olive oils is monounsaturated acids that are normally linked to the improvement of memory and cognitive functions. Olive oil contains a series of healthy fats that are very effective in decreasing brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia that usually affect older people. Research also shows that people who have used these oils are less exposed to memory loss when they get older.


Olive Oil

Diabetes Prevention

The nutrients contained in real olive oil are very helpful in balancing insulin levels within the human body. This means that people who are exposed to the risk of having diabetes can delay or even prevent this disease. When you add the oil to your diet, it balances the nutrient levels to keep diabetes away.

How Do You Ensure That You Are Buying the Right Product?

To get the best out of extra virgin olive oil, you need to buy from trusted suppliers. It might be difficult to tell the genuine oils from fake ones, but these tips will help you make better decisions:

  • You can use your sense of smell to tell good olive oil from bad. Real olive oil has a good smell that is strong enough to be easily identified.
  • When you go to a grocery store to shop for olives, always ensure that the bottle is dark and that the olive harvest date is within 2 years.
  • Ensure that the place you buy your olive oils from is trusted and approved to distribute the right products.


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